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Why 90% of Football Bettors Lose

Crime expert warns the public against engaging in football betting in any form as it constitutes a violation of the law, with up to 90% of bettors destined to lose.

Why do bettors always lose?

Speaking about livescore football prediction has become a dangerous menace in many countries, including Vietnam. While football betting enthusiasts may not necessarily harbor a genuine love for the sport, they often view it as a means of making money.

According to Hieu, although in many countries football betting has been legalized,betting on football is only permitted experimentally for international matches with strict regulations. Betting on football outside of these regulations is still considered gambling, organizing gambling activities, and is prohibited by law.

Statistics show that around 90% of football bettors lose, possibly due to their limited knowledge and understanding of football, their impulsive nature in betting, and reliance on luck.

"The bookmakers" have a team of experts who deeply understand football and offer odds closely aligned with the match situation, ensuring maximum benefit for themselves. When too many people bet on one outcome, some bookmakers may adjust the odds in real-time, and worse, engage in manipulation and match-fixing. We know that the classic match-fixing cases that have been detected often bear the mark of bookmakers," said Dr. Dao Trung Hieu.

Hieu analyzes from another perspective that when engaging in betting, the brain produces a neurotransmitter called Dopamine, which stimulates the nervous system. This neurotransmitter makes players feel elated when they win and want to play more to win even more money. Conversely, when they lose, they feel confused, frustrated, panicked, and want to recoup their losses by "going all in".

"This is the moment when players lose control of their emotions, become restless, and lack clarity in their betting choices. This signals empty hands after each betting session," Hieu said.

Consequences of football betting

The crime expert believes that football betting shares the characteristics of gambling in general, where "winning makes you crave more, losing makes you want to recover," so very few players have stopping points. When losing, in order to have more money to recover, especially under the pressure of debts, debt collectors... Bettors only think about ways to make money.

"Football betting has brought about many dangerous consequences for society. Players push themselves into a desperate situation, pile up debts, cause financial ruin to families, marital discord, unrest, separation of children, and then there are loan sharks, gangsters demanding debts, causing security disturbances," said Hieu, advising those who are currently or have participated in football betting to consider the spherical consequences.

According to the police, the participation of the public in football betting also carries the risk of many consequences such as "gamblers" playing without money and being captured by debt collectors, having their property seized, or hiring gangsters to collect debts... There are also "gamblers" who, when reaching the end of the road, may resort to robbery, theft, or even suicide to avoid repaying debts.

Finding the most accurate football prediction site can be challenging due to the vast number of options available. However, several websites claim to provide reliable predictions based on thorough analysis and statistical models. Here are some of the most reputable football prediction sites:

Betensured: Betensured offers football predictions for various leagues worldwide, using statistical analysis, historical data, and expert opinions to provide accurate forecasts.

Forebet: Forebet utilizes mathematical algorithms to predict outcomes for football matches, considering various factors such as team performance, form, and head-to-head statistics.

Windrawwin: Windrawwin provides predictions, statistics, and analysis for football matches, covering a wide range of leagues and competitions.

SoccerVista: SoccerVista offers predictions, statistics, and results for football matches, aiming to assist bettors in making informed decisions.

Statarea: Statarea provides predictions and analysis for football matches based on statistical data and historical performance.

Tipsterion: Tipsterion offers football predictions generated by an AI-based algorithm, considering multiple variables to predict match outcomes accurately.

Soccerpunter: Soccerpunter provides predictions, tips, and statistics for football matches, assisting bettors in making well-informed decisions.

Victorspredict: Victorspredict offers football predictions and analysis based on statistical models, aiming to provide accurate forecasts for bettors.

Betegy: Betegy utilizes data-driven algorithms to provide football predictions, tips, and analysis, helping bettors make informed decisions.

Bettingclosed: Bettingclosed offers predictions and tips for golden soccer tips using statistical analysis and historical data to provide accurate forecasts.

While these sites claim to provide accurate predictions, it's essential to remember that no prediction is guaranteed, and outcomes may vary. It's always wise to conduct your research and analysis before making any betting decisions. Additionally, consider factors such as team news, injuries, weather conditions, and other variables that may impact match outcomes.

These "bookmakers" collaborate with local individuals (agents) to divide them into multiple dummy accounts, establish networks, and develop multi-layered, well-organized gambling activities that spread across provinces and cities nationwide with increasingly sophisticated methods and tactics through various advertisements and attractive invitations openly displayed in Vietnamese.




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