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The meaning of the Trilogy ring and the right time to give it

Diamond rings are a great present for all occasions. The marriage proposal is in first place but it's also for the birth of a child, for graduation, to commemorate an anniversary or just to present a significant gift. Let's find out what the meaning is of the trinity ring. It is one of the most popular and desired rings for women.

The Trilogy Ring

It is in fact one of the styles of diamond rings most loved by women. They are typically made of gold or platinum and characterized by three precious stones. The three stones are typically brilliant cut diamonds. However, depending on the preferences of the buyer and the recipient, other gemstones like rubies, sapphires, or emeralds may also be used.

Diamonds are the most commonly used precious stone used in trilogie rings. The selection of diamonds is not only because they look beautiful but also because they are symbolic: diamond is a precious, durable stone, which is eternal, like true love. These three stones are usually either of equal weight or the two stones on the lateral sides are equal and the central stone is bigger.

The meaning behind trilogy rings

This ring is, in addition to being beautiful, also has an important significance The three stones represent past love ("I loved you") as well as present love ("I love you") and love for the future ("I will love you forever").

The trilogy ring represents love for the rest of time.

However, there are other meanings associated with trilogy rings:

A religious one, based on the belief that three stones symbolize the Trinity: the Father and Son, as well as the Holy Spirit, who will bless the union between the lovers.

Another is an interpretation of the number 3. It is an emblem of purity, strength, and love.

The diamond trilogy may also take on the meaning of the family that has just been united forever by the birth of a child.

When should I present this ring as gift?

A lot of you are thinking about when the perfect time to gift a trio ring as a present, or in which situation.

The trilogy is among the most sought-after engagement ring designs, however it is also a ring that is often given, as mentioned, for the birth of a baby or to commemorate the anniversary of a wedding.

The most appropriate times to present the trio ring to a woman is:

A marriage proposal: an engagement ring that proclaims love forever for the bride-to-be. Love that has been present in the past, and will be present in the future.

To commemorate a special occasion: A ring for the birth of a child. It represents a permanent union between two lovers.

What should you consider when selecting a trilogy ring

Diamonds are a popular option for engagement rings however it is best to have professionals from the field like Diamanti Anversa to assist you with your selection, who can help you based on the four physical characteristics of the stone:





How do you choose the carat weight of diamonds?

Carats are used to measure the weight of an expensive stone. 1ct weighs 0.2 grams. A trilogy ring may be created using 3 diamonds of equal weight or with 2 diamonds of the same weight and with the largest central diamond.

Trilogy rings are available with brilliants weighing 0.30 ct, diamonds weighting 0.50 ct, or a central diamond weighing one carat, and additional diamonds weighing half a carat.

The gemologists from Diamanti Anversa will help you create the perfect trilogy for you.

How can you determine the color of the diamond?

The most sought-after diamonds in jewelry are colorless diamonds, which form part of the "Cape Series".

The colors of fancy diamonds are rarer such as pink, orange, green blue and red, and in actual fact, these diamonds are also the most expensive.

When you decide to give a trilogy ring to your partner, get advice from our team of experts, who will be with you at every stage of the purchase, offering you suggestions on the characteristics of the diamond and the setting.

We recommend you make jewelry with colors ranging that range from D to I.

How to determine the purity of diamonds?

Get advice from us on how to choose the highest quality diamonds which will be used in your trilogy ring. Sometimes, you can make stunning impressions without buying diamonds of the highest purity.

Many diamonds with micro inclusions that can only be seen through a magnifying glass of a gemologist can be beautiful to make an exquisite jewel, particularly with a lovely cut. In reality, the proportions of the diamond are very important in refraction of light and hence the sparkle of the diamond.

Diamanti Anversa's goldsmiths are professional and create gorgeous trinity rings which are unique and custom. They can even allow you to create your own unique jewel by starting with your idea.

Diamanti Anversa's expert gemologists will be able help you make the best decision.




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